When an old Chronometer inspires you to make a hearty meal ahead of a cold and snowy night.

The watch in question? An old Heuer Kentucky 1977. You can tell it’s a watch that comes from an era when the mechanical wristwatch was struggling to remain relevant as the quartz revolution settled in. The design is different, it’s more modern than its time. Futuresque. Forward looking. Yet subtly shaped after a horseshoe, thus hinting at the market it was created for.


Heuer, already an established household name in motorsports dared to enter another elite world of racing. The derby. This wasn’t about gasoline and pitstops…


It had nothing to do with names like Mansell, Lauda, Hunt, and Pique, names that dominated Formula 1 in those days. But had everything to do with pedigree, class and extraordinary horsemanship. They named it the Kentucky, after the great American horse race. Never before had a watchmaking house dedicated a watch exclusively to this sport. Heuer had found a niche. And they hoped the watch would sell.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. Production only lasted 3 years. Quietly ending in 1980. Fast forward to now. The end of 2016 and almost the beginning of 2017.

My question to you is how many of these watches are now left in the world? Heuer produced them for 3 years. They really couldn’t have made that many… And now, almost 40 years later, how many are left floating about. My guess is some. But definitely not a lot. And as time passes. There will be less and less of them available on the market and this niche watch will only appreciate in value. And for equestrians, it may become something particularly precious.


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I’ve been sitting on this particular Heuer Kentucky for a few months now. I thought I would write something horse related about it, but somehow I felt I wanted to wear it, really get a feel for it and incorporate it into my daily routine.

As this evening’s polar vortex descends on the Northeastern seaboard of the United States, I’ve been inspired to cook something I think I will enjoy quietly with a glass of wine this evening.


I’ve named today’s special “Kentucky Meatballs” after the watch I am currently wearing. Here it is, but I can assure you it won’t taste as good as mine will taste if you aren’t wearing a rare 40 year old Heuer Kentucky Chronometer on your wrist while making it:

Freshly ground beef from the butcher’s

Half a red onion

A clove of garlic

Black pepper

General seasoning

A stick of butter

Fresh thyme

Fresh rosemary

A full glass of Cabernet Sauvignon

A tomato

A little salt


Spread the meat flat on a board and sprinkle on a little black pepper, some salt, and a dash of seasoning.


Next. Chop up the herbs, garlic and half the red onion. Then layer on top of the flattened meat.


Then roll the meat up with all the ingredients inside and make a large ball out of it. Make a shallow hole in the center of the big meatball and pour in some wine. Gently mix the wine into the meat. Then flatten again.


Next. Take the butter and gently coat a baking dish with it. Then slice your tomato and place the slices in the baking dish, sprinkle on a little black pepper, add some sprigs of thyme and rosemary, then make small balls out of the ground meat and place in the dish.


Once done. Pour another deep and generous  glass of Cabernet Sauvignon over the meatballs. Throw in the other half of the red onion. Add some pearls of garlic and sprinkle on a little more black pepper.


Cover, and let it the meatballs drink the wine and other ingredients in for a few hours in the fridge. Set your Heuer for this. You’ll appreciate the accuracy of the stopwatch.

RAY - 20161215_152955

Once in the oven let them slow bake at a low temperature. 200 degrees F. You’ll know when they are almost done because your watch will tell you so. As will the delicious aroma that will develop in the kitchen.

When almost done, grate some cheddar cheese over the meatballs and let the cheese melt in.

Serve alone, or with pasta, or you can make a chunky Meatball sandwich. Either way, the Kentucky Meatballs will be delicious…


Enjoy them with the balance of the CabSauve.


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Written by Ray OJ