After releasing new models of the Aquaracer earlier this year, TAG Heuer is back yet again to retouch the same watch.  For there have been several incarnations of this timepiece, but the 300m version is still the closest to the original “Heuer 2000” launched back in 1982, the true predecessor of the “Aquaracer” line. Introducing the: “TAG Heuer 300m Aquaracer Caliber 16 Chronograph Ceramic”.

As the watch name indicates, one of the main differences between this new version and the one launched just earlier this year, is the bezel. Instead of a brushed steel bezel, we have a ceramic bezel with six raised grips. One could say this is unoriginal, as it mimics the Rolex Submariner, but then again most dive watches end up opting for this look. Tag Heuer can be seen as just catering to the marketplace, since customers for these watches seem to prefer ceramic, which is more scratch resistant than steel and is becoming the norm.


* Image courtesy of: TAG Heuer

But, the differences don’t just end there. One quick glance at the dial is enough to tell this “Aquaracer 300m Caliber 16 Ceramic Bezel” has taken significant cosmetic tweaks. The case is still 43mm and the dial features the TAG Heuer logo with a horizontal strip pattern, just like the steel version did. But, the differences are very apparent. For starters, the inclusion of a cyclops over the date window. Or, the larger hour index markers and wider minute/hour hands. Also the “300m” is written in yellow text, instead of white. And the running seconds sub-dial, located at the 9 o’clock position, added an arrow tip to its hand. Many minor details that sum up a quite busy and differentiated dial on this new Aquaracer.


Aquaracer CAY2110.BA0927 next to the new Aquaracer CAY211A.BA0927 with Ceramic Dial * Image courtesy of: TAG Heuer

This watch can be purchased mounted to either to a nylon strap, or a steel bracelet, which is fully brushed. A more subtle detail which helps distinguish this Aquaracer from the earlier steel released, non-ceramic version.  As for the caseback it maintains the traditional engraved “Diver Helmet”, included in the Aquaracer line.

TAG Heuer 300m Aquaracer Caliber 16 Chronograph Ceramic

“TAG Heuer 300m Aquaracer Caliber 16 Chronograph Ceramic” is powered by the TAG Heuer automatic movement, caliber 16, with 25 jewels, which beats at 28,000 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of up to 42 hours. Also features a Côtes de Genève finishing and an engraved rotor.


* Image courtesy of: TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer 300m Aquaracer Caliber 16 Chronograph Ceramic, reference#: CAY211A.BA0927

MSRP: $3,650.00 USD

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Written by Mauro Az