The new Star Wars movies are closing in on their release date. This December the latest instalment to the Stars Wars franchise: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, will hit movie theatres worldwide, thanks to Disney. And with such an event, surrounded by the anticipation of millions of fans worldwide, comes a long array of diversified products, to fit as many needs as possible. So, if action figures, special edition DVD’s with commentary, clothing lines, trading cards, etc.; weren’t enough. Here is a new Star Wars watch by the brand: Devon Works.

To start off, let’s familiarize the neophytes with Devon Works. This watch brand has only been around for five years, but has already managed to cause an impression, while carving its own little niche. Among many innovative designs, their trademark feature is the use of: time-belts with numbers printed on them, instead of using hands to indicate hours, minutes and seconds. As well as opting for hybrid energy like, electro-mechanical power. Breaking away from traditional molds of watch manufacturing, but nonetheless managing to be selected as a finalist in 2010’s Geneva Grand Prix with a battery powered watch, called the: “Tread 1”.


“Tread I” one of Devon Works first watches. * Image courtesy of Devon Works

So keeping with its own aesthetics, the new Star Wars by Devon, uses materials gathered by a California aerospace company. Combining advanced engineering that had been already tested out on the “Tread 1”: with glass-reinforced nylon belts, four separate multiple high-tech optical recognition cells, four micro-steps motors, and 313 electrical contacts. Creating as much of a futuristic novelty, as we can only hope the new anticipated movie will bring to the Star Wars saga.


“Star Wars by Devon Works” with TIE Fighter cuff-links * Image courtesy of Devon Works

This stainless steel watch with black DLC coating and limited edition TIE Fighter cuff-links, tries to mesh-up as many Star Wars elements as it can, without becoming a parody of itself. The main inspiration is Darth Vader and the star ship of the Imperial fleet, called: TIE Fighter. The wings of the TIE Fighter are attached to the sides of the watch case and can be detached for use as cuff-links. The screws that connect the case and lugs mimic aircraft turbines intakes, the crown has the imperial logo engraved on it, and even the rubber strap features bulky silver screws reminiscent of Darth Vader’s breathing grille. All sleekly fitted on to a 61mm case, which allows for all these details without creating over-saturation on the dials look and legibility.


Specific Darth Vader elements featured on the watch. * Image courtesy of Devon Works

The conception for this timepiece required the assistance of the US Aviation Industry, and the lack of traditional watchmaking elements, makes it clear that this watch was conceived with a very different mind-set and approach. The movement relies on a belt system that utilizes four motor covers (colored: red and green like Darth Vader’s center console) under a white outlined hexagonal disk where: hours, minutes and seconds, can easily be deciphered to tell time.


Star Wars by Devon

There will only be 500 pieces made of this collector’s watch, to be released during a two-year time period. And between aficionados of horology and the legion of growing and grown-up Star Wars fanatics, there’s no doubt these watches will be warped up by the market. And unless products for this franchise over-saturate themselves during the years to come. This “Stars Wars by Devon” can really turn-out to be a winner in the long-run and for the time-being: quite an attention grabber. So, “May the Force be with you”.

“Star Wars by Devon” – MSRP: $28,500.00 USD

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Video Courtesy of Devon Works

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Written by Mauro Az