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The Yacht-Master has always had its distinct place in the Rolex series. If the Submariner had a more utilitarian purpose having been constructed with divers and seamen in mind. The Yacht-Master was intended for a more high-end lifestyle, for the type of person who may be near the water but on his own yacht, without all the sporty activity. Rolex is known for just revising and improving their collections instead of totally changing looks and adding features. It’s all about holding on to proven standards and constantly reassuring that quality can never be questioned, when it comes to any Rolex model. So, it comes as a surprise to see rubber on a Rolex, but it’s been seen before and no doubt the Yacht-Master will be a “looker” for it.

The prescription for the new Yacht-Master basically resides in maintaining the same bases while adding some novelty. It still bears a 40mm case but now comes in 18k rose gold or Everrose as Rolex likes to call its own alloy creation. There will also be a 37mm wide version (ref. 268655) that will also vary in operation, employing an automatic movement, caliber 2236. But, both models feature functionally the sam,e three-hand movements with a Cyclops lens on the date.

All the similar aspects like the: Rolex fluted caseback in 18k Everose gold, as well as the crystal (with no antireflective coating) on the Cyclops lens or the Mercedes
Rolex-Yacht-Master-profile-EiThands, just like on the stainless steel edition are preserved. The robust in-house automatic movement, caliber 3135, is retained in the re-envisioned Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 with date and chronometer rated by COSC. In a way these new features serve to shed a new light on a watch typically left in the shadow of other models in this collection, such as the: Submariner GMT II, Explorer II, Milgauss or Sea-Dweller.

Another unique feature is the new black Cerachrom bezel made of Rolex’s own ceramic material that they were able to craft with the 60-minute scale markers in alleviation, which is a new process for them. The dial has the same deep black matte color and comes with gold applied indexes filled with white luminous material that emit a long-lasting blue glow. The numbers and graduations are polished on the top while the background remains matt, to allow for a good contrast between the everose gold and the black accents: dial, bezel and strap.


The amalgam of these elements, along with slightly more curved lugs and slimmer case bands for a better fit on the wrist, add an extra character to the Yacht-Master not seen before. All fitted with a scratchproof sapphire crystal and the triplock triple waterproof system to screw down securely against the Oyster case, guaranteeing water resistance up to 100m (330 feet).

Now as for a surprise, true novelty is in the strap. Rolex goes rubber. Although that might seem like a typical element on many brands, for Rolex collectors this is a big thing. The black Oysterflex bracelet is made in a very soft and flexible rubber. It possesses a longitudinal cushion system that stabilizes the watch, in the form of two very soft rubber bands on the internal part of the strap, that provide a very comfortable feel on the wrist. It bestows pleasure to the eyes and wrist of any beholder. The Oysterflex bracelet is also fitted on 18k Everose gold with a safety clasp that prevents accidental opening and will not attach to any other Rolex model being specific to this edition.

Rolex claims the novelty strap resembles a rubber strap, while its resistance is comparable to that of a metal bracelet. The bracelet attaches to the watch case and the Oysterlock safety clasp by a flexible titanium and nickel alloy metal blade running through the interior of the bracelet. The blade is overmoulded with high-
Rolex-Yacht-Master-caseback-EiTperformance black elastomer which is notably resistant to environmental effects, very durable and utterly inert for the wearer of the watch. Their official Rolex press-release highlights: the heighten comfort; the inside of the Oysterflex bracelet equipped with a patented longitudinal cushion system that stabilizes the watch on the wrist can provide. “The Oysterflex strap is not rubber but meant to feel like it while providing a bracelet with a metal interior.” The bracelet is also fitted with a 18kt Everose gold Oysterlock.

This new Rolex Yacht-Master Ref#116655 will be MSRP: 18.200 Euros (Ex. taxes)

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Written by Mauro Az