Before the Cellini line was introduced to the Rolex family, there were basically only two lines two choose from. You either entered a boutique looking for a sports watch and you were presented with: Daytona, Submariner, GMT, Sea-Dweller or Explorer. It was these models that carved Rolex space in to niche markets that could be luxurious and outdoorsy in the same degree. And for those seeking to stay in the luxury niche, with prominence towards elegance, they had the option of dress attire models, such as the: Date-Just, Day-Date and then came the: Cellini.


This Rhodium Dial as well as the Pink Dial feature 62 Diamonds along the Bezel. * Image courtesy of: Rolex

The Rolex Cellini timepieces are known for their simple elegance and further editions to this line have maintained these aesthetics principles. Though they differ based on the degree of mechanical complications and features each
contains, they also stay very similarly matched. The cases are always 39mm and exclusively available in 18k white or Everose gold, cast Rolex owned foundry. Each case is also topped by a two-tier bezel, one smoothed-out, while the other bears the trademark Rolex fluting finish. It also features special tool grips on the fluting to facilitate access to the self-winding, COSC-certified, Rolex made mechanical movements.


18k White Gold Buckle with Rolex’s Trademark Crown * Image courtesy of: Rolex

But, there have been changes to the Cellini models as time goes by. For several years the Cellini collection was mainly known for the “Prince” models, introduced back in 1928, which had a rectangular shape. This was a totally different design from the rest of the Rolex collection, which tends to maintain similar details, such as: bezels, crowns, fluted casebacks. All elements that could allow for the mixed vibe of a sports watch or a dress watch. Rolex is known not for
innovation, as much as for maintaining good reliable standards. And although the Cellini is a quality piece it diverges from any other line in the Rolex family.

Each new member of the Cellini models is named for the information it conveys: time, date and dual-time. An approach that is well suited for such an understated yet classy watch. After all these timepieces models were named after the Italian sculptor, Benvenuto Cellini, an artist from the Renaissance whose ideals resided in: harmony, proportion and perspective.

This year, Rolex presents the: Diamond Edition Cellini Time Collection, composed of four watches, adorned with diamonds, offering the traditional functions of: hours, minuets and central seconds. This new blinged-out Rolex is available in white or everose gold, in a 39mm case. They both have black lacquered dials, gem-set with 11 diamond indices and 96 diamonds on the bezel.


Everose & White Gold editions, in a 39mm case. Both have Black Lacquered Dials, with 11 Diamond Indices & 96 Diamonds on the Bezel. * Image courtesy of: Rolex

There are also new pink or rhodium dials with a sunray finish, feature elongated hour markers divided by the minuets track. To differ from the black dial models, these do not feature the streaked bezel and are set with 62 slightly larger diamonds.


Pink or Rhodium Dials with a Sunray Finish. Differ from the Black Dial models, having a streaked Bezel, set with 62 slightly larger Diamonds. * Image courtesy of: Rolex

All four new Rolex Cellini watches for men display the hours and minuets with hands shaped like double-edged gold swords, which add for an accurate legibility and precision. They’re powered by a: perpetual, mechanical, self-winding movement, caliber 3132, COSC certified, with 32 jewels and up to 48 hour power reserve. To match the classical aesthetics of the overall design, these timepieces are sold, mounted to black alligator leather straps, with a white or everose gold buckle to match the case.

Rolex Cellini, Pink Dial with Sunray Finish, ref# 50705RBR – MSRP: $17,800.00 USD

Rolex Cellini, Rhodium Dial with Sunray Finish, ref# 50709RBR – MSRP: $17,800.00 USD

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Written by Mauro Az