Cartier at this year’s SIHH 2017 brought along their most cherished spirit animal: the panther! Ever since it was declared extinct on the market near the end of the 80’s that people have been seeking it out. Well, the wait is officially over, presenting: “Panthère de Cartier”.

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For a timepiece that was originally conceived as a feminine version of the “Santos” model line, it gained quite a male following in the 80’s; applying a square case with rivets for a smooth look, instead of screws on the bezel. Attracting such diverse masculine celebrities as Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones or actor Pierce Brosnan. Although marketing efforts for this relaunched line will still focus primarily on the ladies, but they can be acquired by whoever so desires.


(Left to right) Keith Richards and Pierce Brosnan both wearing a Cartier Panthère * Image courtesy of: WWW

Legend has it that Louis Cartier first grew attached to the panther image on a watercolor painting he commissioned back in 1914, titled “Woman With A Panther” by George Barbier. His appreciation was so grand that it soon became the symbol of the brand. Although the “Panthère de Cartier” collection would only be produced in 1983 and continue on till it was discontinued in the early 2000’s.


“Woman With A Panther” painted by George Barbier * Image courtesy of: Wikipedia

Now for 2017 they are reinstating the “Panthère de Cartier” collection with two sizes to choose from and in nine different metal options. So, the case can be acquired in a 22mm or 27mm sizing, both with a square design, screwed-down bezel and linked brick-lay bracelet. Then after sizing the options range from: stainless-steel, yellow gold, rose gold, two-tone steel and yellow gold, rose gold with diamond bezel, white gold diamond bezel, white gold covered in diamonds, white gold covered in diamonds with black enamel animal spots and a limited edition rose gold with black lacquered links.


The new Cartier Panthère collection * Image courtesy of: Cartier

In many characteristics Cartier is keeping the timepiece almost identical to its original iteration. Time is exhibited on the timelessly classic white Cartier dial with Roman numerals, a square minute railroad track and the iconic blue steeled hands, with the brand name under the 12 o’clock position.


Image courtesy of: Cartier

The only two more unique breaking the norm dials can be found on the medium sized: “rose gold black lacquer limited edition” and ‘white gold diamond’ versions.

Video courtesy of: Cartier

Cartier Panthère de Cartier

This “Cartier Panthère de Cartier” is powered by a quartz movement, with a battery power reserve that can last up to 2 years, when fully charged. Mounted to the watch is a linked brick-lay bracelet matching the precious metal used on each corresponding version and it’s secured to the wrist by a concealed folding clasp. This watch was presented at SIHH 2017 and should be available for acquisition beginning in June 2017, check back with us or visit the official Cartier website for more info.


Image courtesy of: Cartier

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Written by Mauro Az