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Lately Hollywood has been all about block-buster movies with comic book super-heroes. But, for those who appreciate other genres of cinema, like the so-called “art house movies”. One of the biggest arena’s to serve as a launching pad for these type of films is currently underway: Festival de Cannes, began on the 11th and will be premiering some of this years most anticipated movies and picking their winners, up till the 22nd of May, in France.

Video courtesy of: Chopard

Chopard has been an official partner of the Cannes Film festival since 1988 and has been a prominent presence on the red carpet. Even if not in the form of watches, their jewelry can still be seen wrapped around some of the most breath-taking actresses and models this industry has to offer.

Caroline Scheufele co-president of Chopard

Caroline Scheufele co-president of Chopard * Image courtesy of: Chopard

Among many distinguished guests at this luxurious event was: Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts with a Chopard necklace from the “Red Carpet Collection”; Thai Actress Araya Hargarte wearing a pair of earrings from the “High Jewellery Collection”; and we even got a pic of actor Jack Heung who attended the Chopard Gent’s Party at Annabel’s in Cannes wearing a watch from the iconic Chopard L.U.C collection.

the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival

Julia Roberts, Araya Hargarte and Jack Heung * Image courtesy of: Cannes Film Fest

This year’s winners of the 16th edition Chopard trophy, a prize which was established by Caroline Scheufele co-president of Chopard, in 2001, as an effort to reinforce their brands support to the seventh art form. Honored the fortunate recipients: actress Bel Powley, who caught the public’s attention in “A Dairy for a Teenage Girl” and “A Royal Night Out”; and actor John Boyega, who couldn’t be missed in the reboot of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Both of them received their Chopard trophy from Juliette Binoche, on the Chopard Rooftop, at the Martinez Hotel.


(Left to right) John Boyega, Caroline Scheufele and Bel Powley * Image courtesy of: Cannes Film Fest

The Trophée Chopard is bestowed upon the finest actors and actresses that are still being introduced to the public at large, in hopes of gaining a mainstream audience. Variety magazine is also a partner along with Chopard, Pierre Lescure (Festival President) and Thierry Frémaux (Festival Director) to help select the recipient of this prestigious award. Other jury members include: Elizabeth Karlsen (an American film producer), Lenny Abrahamson (Irish Director) and Steven Gaydos (Executive Editor of Variety).

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Trophée Chopard

Trophée Chopard * Image courtesy of: Chopard

After the ceremony, Caroline Scheufele hosted a grand evening in honor of the Chopard Trophy and its recipients. Guests in attendance included: Kirsten Dunst, Julianne Moore, Mads Mikkelsen, Harvey Weinstein, Pierre Lescure, Garance Doré, Nicole Warne, among many others. Quite a star-studded cocktail dinner on the Chopard Rooftop with a terrific view over Cannes, while guests swayed to the sound of New York trumpeter Chris Norton and his quartet. Followed by London-based DJ Amber Le Bon who had the honor of playing out the night.

Video courtesy of: Chopard

Other brands besides Chopard were also making their presence known. Naomi Watts and Anna Kendricks both pleased the audience and turned quite a few heads while wearing Bulgari jewelry at this year’s opening of the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Fawaz Gruosi, president of the De Grisogono brand, known for its black diamond jewelry was also in attendance, accompanied by the model Bella Hadid, as a guest of honor.


Anna Kendricks & Naomi Watts * Images courtesy of: Bulgari

Video courtesy of: Chopard

And Jaeger-LeCoultre that back in October wrapped up promoting and sponsoring another edition of the “New York Film Festival” at the Lincoln Center, in New York. Organized the second edition of their exhibition “The Art of Behind The Scenes” with the assistance of the media company, Finch & Partners.  Photographic expert, John Ingledew, curated the selection of photographs taken by a few of the world’s most distinguished ‘on-set’ photographers. Most of these image are quite rare and some have never been exhibited before.


Image courtesy of: Jaeger-LeCoultre

But, Chopard has cemented its self in an indubitable way by being responsible for designing the “Palme d’Or” trophy. The enduring symbol of the Cannes International Film Festival, which is rewarded each year to the best film in the official selection. This trophy has been redesigned several times, but the current design was first presented in 1997. Caroline Scheufele was invited to redesign it by Pierre Viot, the Festival president at the time and she was quite enthusiastic about such a challenge.

Palme d'Or trophey

Palme d’Or trophy * Image courtesy of: Chopard

Her approach was to give the Palme d’Or a lighter feel, though an apparent greater volume and depth. She subtly highlighted the veins in the stalk and the regulation 19 leaves that seem to be in mid-motion. The stalk also ends in the form of a heart, if you take a close look at its tip. And her final touch was placing the golden palm resting on a crystal cushion shaped like an emerald-cut diamond. Thus each piece is unique, for Mother Nature has no 100% identical crystals.


Image courtesy of: Chopard


Image courtesy of: Chopard


Image courtesy of: Chopard

Also worth mentioning is that since 2014 the Palme d’Or is crafted in certified “Fairminded” gold. This decision is in accordance with an initiative introduced by Chopard in 2013, for the then 66th Cannes Film Festival, that led to the creation of a “Green Carpet High Jewellery collection”.


Julianne Moore wearing earrings from the “Green Carpet High Jewellery collection” * Image courtesy of: Chopard

The goal is to promote a sustainable development of luxury by supporting a philanthropic relationship between: Chopard, South America’s most influential mining NGO: the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM); and Eco-Age.

Fairminded Gold Initiative - CANNES - Capture

Image courtesy of: Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)


Livia Firth, the artistic director and founder of the Eco-Age * Image courtesy of Eco-Age

Al these have been noble efforts that have strengthened the bond between Chopard and Cannes Film Festival. While also drawing a plan and affirming their commitment to work towards a luxury sector that can be a good corporate citizen, be respectful of the environment and help minimize quarrels over the mining of these precious minerals. May the world enjoy cinema, with all its stars and glamour, but also grow aware of “Fairminded” and other commendable organizations, in the process.

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Written by Mauro Az