Early Morning. 

Watch, journal & pen. Foldable sunglasses in the background. The Smythson Journal has become indispensable. Leather-bound with wafer thin blue pages that take the ink from a fountain pen without blotting. It was given to me as a birthday present last year by a good friend. Today it is filled with scribbles and sketches and I am still writing in it..over a year later. Fits in the back pocket of my jeans with my wallet. I have come to really enjoy the Jaeger-LeCoultre Squadra Reverso. 

Did you know that when JLC first designed the Reverso, it was a square watch? But the good people at JLC in 1931 felt the square design was a little too modern, so they went back to the drafting table and designed a rectangular watch more in keeping with the Art Deco era…..which subsequently became the legendary Reverso.

It was not till 2006 that JLC felt the world was ready for the original square Reverso design. They introduced the Squadra, a sturdier, heavier and more robustly sporting Reverso, based on the original design and more suited for my lifestyle. Especially with my family internationally dispersed but mainly in Europe and with L always travelling, the analog am/pm indicator and the extra GMT hand help me know what time it is here and there at a glance. The fact that I usually have it on a rubber strap means I can live in it. As in cook, clean, garden and shower without having to ever worry. Slip it on a leather/alligator strap and suddenly it rides the double cuff of a good shirt under a dark suite at a gala or board meeting with crisp, restrained and inconspicuous distinction.


Twelve years after JLC produced the Reverso

Omega produced its first automatic wristwatch. They simply wrote “Automatic” under Omega, in those days, that was enough. It ran on the the 28.10 calibre movement, affectionately known as the bumper movement because when you wore the watch, you felt the bump of the rotor as it swung back and forth inside the watch, it is a soft bump, a cushioned one, almost unnoticeable, but very present. Based on its serial number this one is a very early model making it about 70 years old and of the first batch ever produced by Omega. I wear it like a regular watch, and it keeps time well. 


The next time 

you walk through leaves, listen to the papery rustle they make as your feet move through them, and look at the colours, tones, textures and the collage of shapes and sizes.



on wild rose hips. Walking the dog. 


New England Aster. 

An ubiquitous but lovely native fall flowering plant. Hardy and one of Frederick Law Olmsted’s favourites. I plant them in the historic public Olmstedian parks I am restoring



Beautiful, but a sly and deadly invasive plant. To me plants can be compared to people. Some people are so completely tempting..and by the time you come to learn their true nature…it is often fatally too late.


I wonder 

how much life is in that one raindrop…..


Walking with the dog 

on a raw and wet October morning. Soon it will be Christmas and the snows will come by then and settle for a while and then it will be spring again and warm and leafy before we know it……

Le weekend

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Written by Ray OJ