Back in 2013 Hublot issued a very special edition, world record setting timepiece in a joint venture to celebrate a new Ferrari vehicle. That same model was later reintroduced in a sapphire edition and today we’ll take a closer look at all these unique “Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari” watches.


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When Hublot launched their “Masterpiece collection” it was intended for the most unique and top level in-house mechanical endeavors, the brand could unleash on the horology market. That’s why there haven’t been that many models ushered into this collection, keeping it an exclusive category even within Hublot. But, there is no doubt about it that these Ferrari themed watches were made precisely for this “Masterpiece” designation. Not all luxury goods have to be comprised of gold and diamonds, when mechanical feats and futuristic design are just as remarkable.

Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari

The 46mm case is made of titanium, although its predominantly black color can lead one to think otherwise, but it has undergone a microblasted black PVD treatment. It features a sapphire crystal face designed to resemble the outline of the Ferrari super car.

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While it’s transparent case back allows to view the inner workings of the mechanical movement, as well as the flip side of the several cylinders with its white Arabic numerals. Also each limited edition piece has its issued number on the bottom portion of the case back, for collector’s purposes. Water-resistance on this watch can reach up to 30 meters (98 feet).


One unexpected feature here is the lack of a crown! Which leads to an inevitable question: how do you wind this watch? Well the answer requires a special mini electronic screw-driver and toolset that Hublot has included with the watch, along with two distinctive tips: one for winding the watch, while another is to set the time. So to accomplish either one of these necessary tasks, you’ll use the mini screw-driver on a small screw insert positioned at the top of the case, where the 12 o’clock position would be on a standard timepiece.


Being equipped with a 50-day power reserve has gained this watch a world-record status, as the most power reserve ever packed into a hand-wound tourbillon wristwatch. Quite an accomplishment since 100% of the movement has been proudly designed by the Hublot Manufacture engineers and watchmakers. It’s also the most pieced together caliber movement ever conceived by Hublot, with 637 moving parts in total.

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Time is exhibited on a skeleton dial with a unique, yet very unfamiliar dial design, but all the essential indications are present here. The hour and minutes are indicated by black cylinders on the right-side of the case with another cylinder underneath them bearing the seconds countdown; all with white Arabic numerals and reinforcing bars on either side made from anodized red aluminium highlighting their position and bringing to mind Ferrari’s red signature color.


A horizontally aligned tourbillon can be seen under the case middle (wrist side) towards the bottom of the casing, where the 6 o’clock position would be on a standard designed timepiece. Also all the Arabic numerals for the: hour, minutes seconds and power reserve; have undergone a luminescent filling, for an enhanced legibility. In 2016 Hublot released a new sapphire edition of this timepiece in a even more exclusive limited production piece.

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Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari

This “Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari” (References below) is powered by a hand-wound mechanical movement, caliber HUB9005 with 108 jewels, 637 components, 11 barrels and 21,600 vph. Equipped with a suspended vertical tourbillon that contains an 11 mainspring series-coupled with black-coated barrels. Power reserve on this timepiece can last up to the aforementioned record-breaking 50-days, when fully wound.


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Mounted to these watches is a black smooth rubber strap, secured to the wrist by a microblasted black-plated titanium deployant buckle. These watches are all limited editions of only 50 manufactured pieces per model; except the sapphire edition which comes on a silicone strap and was limited to only 20 manufactured pieces.


Ref#: 905.NX.001RX – Titanium


Ref#: 905.ND.0000.RX – Black


Ref#: 905.VX.0001.RX – Gold


Ref#: 905.JX.0001.RT – Sapphire

Video courtesy of: Hublot

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Written by Mauro Az