Supposedly this watch was conceived by Hublot specifically for the “2018 FIFA World Cup” to fulfill a need expressed by FIFA, which Hublot was able to make a reality. These smartwatches or “connected watch” as Hublot designated them, will be officially used by all the game referees during the World Cup games. While only a limited number of units will be manufactured and made available to the general public.

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In the words of Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot “The Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ offers all the usual features of a smart watch of course, but that’s not where Hublot has applied its innovation and audacity. It brings together everything that inspires the passion of football lovers! The FIFA World Cup is the Holy Grail of emotions for football fans, so just imagine what an object such as a watch that captures each and every one of its moments, its turning points, its stakes could suddenly represent? The football aficionados from among the brand’s friends have been waiting for this watch for a long time!”

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As aforementioned the inception for this smartwatch was established by a specific need expressed by FIFA, which Hublot brought to life! A customized watch conceived to accompany the referees during the actual games, equipped to provide pertinent information that can assist them during the pitch. A quite fitting digital addition to what will also be the first World Cup edition to be supported by video assistance, in order to avoid as much human error as possible in determining each games outcome.

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Clear signs of our modern shifting times as technology finds its way into sports. The first FIFA World Cup was played in 1928 and relied solely on humans to manage a game. Now 90 years later we see it adopting the usage of video cameras, external referees viewing recorded footage and the traditional referees “connected” via smartwatches. Besides the 2,018 units of these “connected watches” that were released to the general public, FIFA received 101 in total for its referees (36 referees and 63 assistants).

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The 49mm case is made of titanium with a satin-finish, following the standard emblematic architecture of a traditional “Big Bang” model. Mounted to the case is also a titanium bezel that’s been decorated with 6 H-shaped screws and a Kevlar insert.


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Comes equipped with a push-button on the bezel for easy strap swapping. All topped by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that also assists with water-resistance on this “connected watch” reaching up to 50mm (164 feet).


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Time is exhibited on a 35.4mm diameter screen with 400 x 400 pixels and 287 ppi with AMOLED technology. The dial can be programmed to resemble any of participating countries’ flags in this 2018 FIFA World Cup™, for a total of 32 dial designs.

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Besides the background flag image the rest of the horology information is represented via the standard “Hublot Big Bang” models: semi-hollow central hands, hour index markers and smaller minute index ring circling the dial.Although unlike a typical timepiece that would have precious metal applied hour index markers, this smartwatch version mimics the markers digitally.


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There is also the option of two neutral dials in digital or analog mode. As for the “connected” smartwatch like features this Hublot has been equipped with sensors and technology that enable it to function as a: gyroscope, accelerometer, tilt detector, microphone, vibration detector, haptic motor and a GPS tracker.

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Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The “Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia” (Ref#: 400.NX.1100.RX) is powered by the “Wear OS by Google” with a 1.6-GHz Intel Atom Z34XX dual-core processor that has 512 MB of RAM, which enables all the aforementioned functions. There is also the possibility of future updates further extending and diversifying the capabilities of this timepiece. Power reserve on this watch is provide via a battery (410 mAh) that can last up to one-day (24-hours), when fully charged and a full charge takes up to 2 hours.

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This watch comes with two straps: a lined black rubber strap, secured to the wrist by a buckle clasp; and a sponge sport strap decorated with the Hublot logo & the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ emblem, secured to the wrist by a black composite deployment buckle. This is a limited edition smartwatch with only 2,018 manufactured pieces, as a direct reference to this current year. For more up to date information visit the official Hublot website here.

MSRP: $5,100.00 USD

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