Tech Companies seem to want a piece of the luxury watch market, but these timepiece manufactures think they can go tech; introducing the: IWC Connect. Instead of following the latest trend as did, TAG Heuer, Frederique Constant, and others, of creating smartwatches to compete with the Apple watch. IWC has gone another route and decided to create a smart strap.


IWC’s Smart Strap * Image courtesy of: IWC

This new invention consists of a small circular device that attaches to the straps of IWC’s mechanical watches to track the wearer’s activities and enable connectivity with other devices and the internet. In concept, IWC Connect is very similar to the “Montblanc E-Strap”, which included many useful features, such as: texts, e-mails, calls, social media, alerts and even acts as a remote phone camera trigger.

Both IWC and Montblanc are run by two of the most forward-thinking CEOs: Georges Kern and Jerome Lambert. Who have stated: “the idea behind this new innovation is to enable owners of IWC timepieces to control their connected environment directly from the wrist while also maintaining the integrity of a handcrafted mechanical timepiece.”


Montblanc E-Strap synced to Smartphones * Image courtesy of: Montblanc

IWC Connect

The IWC Connect will have the shape of a round module inserted into the IWC straps and may include Bluetooth, probably NFC connectivity and complete activity tracking. But, it’s still early and there is much speculation on price and complete functionalities. But, as so many different options start to pop up in the market place, from Apple to Sony, to various traditional mechanical watch manufacturers. It’s safe to say at this point that “smart” technology is making its way into the watch industry.

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Written by Mauro Az