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Element iN Time just recently got back from the most recent “IWJG – International Watch & Jewelry Guild” show, held at Long Beach, California. Where they sold, bought and traded their favorite type of goods: watches! And our CEO Gary Videira even had time to stop by the “WatchGeekTime” studios iN Los Angeles and chat away about horology themes with another watch aficionado, the self-described watch geek, Scott Goldman.


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In this modern age of digital connections with growth hacking and constant updates from trending topics on social media. Getting people’s attention isn’t as easy as it used to be, although it definitely satisfies more curiosities. The global village has made mainstream phenomena a bit harder to achieve, among so much competition. But, it has seen niche markets and topics flourish like never before. No matter what your interest is, there is probably a blog or a podcast about it.


Element iN TImes showroom, before renovations.

This leads us to Scott Goldman an avid horology enthusiast from Malibu, California. Know in the Los Angeles area as a working professional drummer, for over the last 30 years. Legend has it that this obsession all began when Scott’s grandfather left him a Breguet pocket watch. And ever since then his infatuation with micromechanics, especially timepieces, has yet to fade. As he juggles his time between keeping time as a percussionist and immersing himself with knowledge about all the minutiae and intricacies involved with watches.

breguet pocket

This is not an exact match, but similar to the Breguet pocket watch that inspired Scott Goldman’s passion. * Image courtesy of: Breguet

As a contributor to “A Blog To Watch” he’s been able to reach a wide and well informed audience with his watch tales and reviews. But, his love for horology is so overwhelming it has lead him to create his own blog and a weekly podcast. Where he can gather around friends and even make new acquaintances, who share his passion for horology.


Being the host of his own horology podcast titled “WatchGeekTime” has allowed him to ask the questions he’s always wanted to ask about watches. While he tries to decipher what makes other people tick for timepieces. It hasn’t been online long, they only began creating content as the summer of 2016 marched in. But, the first steps have been taken and know time will carry out their voice and hopefully draw in more kindred spirits.


Image courtesy of: WatchGeekTime

The logline for the blog reads “Everything from watches to watches.” And that it’s made by watch enthusiasts from California, Australia and Russia. We highly recommend taking some time to listen to Scott Goldman and friends speaking about watches and horology in general, with his guests.


Image courtesy of: IWJG

These last two episodes both have insights and info brought to you by Element iN Time’s own Gary Videira. Episode 12 was recorded during his stay in Los Angles, for the aforementioned L.A. show, at the “WatchGeekTime” headquarters. And episode 13 is our CEO commenting on our latest new arrivals, already form New York, via phone. Both episodes also include the “WatchGeekTime” regular Australian co-host, Jody Daley, chipping in with his knowledgeable observations.

Scott 20160827_161904

(Left to right) Gary Videira, Scott Goldman and Jody Daley * Image courtesy of: WatchTimeGeek

Other topics discussed along the various blog posts and podcast episodes include: “The Horological Capital of the World” about all the watch boutiques in Las Vegas, “Fantastic Speedmasters And Where to Find Them” and even “The ‘Other’ Gérald Genta Watches” about the Disney themed Gérald Genta designs. Or, get to know a bit more about our shop “Element iN Time” by reading the article “Buying Watches in Manhattan”. All curiosities and information that can be appreciated, as much by horology neophytes, as by seasoned watch veterans that have been investigating and dissecting timepieces for quite some time.


Disney watch with Gérald Genta design. * Image courtesy of: Pinterest

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Written by Mauro Az