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How could a watch become a smartwatch without any hassle? That seems to be one of the many questions running through people’s minds ever since the Apple watch appeared on the scene. And though most horologists can’t conceive the thought of leaving their precious mechanical watches in a drawer to favor a smartwatch. There is no doubt many would appreciate and take advantage of these digital enhancements, if they could acquire an accessory that brought on that possibility in a minimally obtrusive manner. Introducing the “Chronos” solution to adding more smarts to the mechanical.


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“Chronos” is a San Francisco based technology company that has its aims on the watch industry. It has developed a small metal disc and its respective app that will work with either Android or iOS, enabling a mechanical watch to go “smart”. Once activated a watch can receive “smart notifications” via unique vibrations and optional light patterns for select contacts, phone calls, calendar invites and more; “Integrated fitness tracking” can track your footsteps and activity during the course of the day, in order for you to better assess if you’re in need or not of healthy adjustments. And also, the Chronos provides “gesture control” to rapidly alter key features like: phone’s volume, music, or other elements, using personalized gestures and taps you’re mechanical watch can now comprehend.


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As for portability and power reserve, the Chronos provides 36 hour battery life in a very small package. The Chronos only measures 33mm in diameter and is 3mm thin, with a non-residue micro-suction adhesive backing for a non-messy easy attachment. Uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy integration and will have wireless charging capabilities via conductive charging, using an included charging board. This small metal disc has been made waterproof and is intended to adhere to the back of a watch between the mechanism and your wrist. From there a series of sensors can be triggered and notifications are perceived through vibration patterns or one of six colored LED flashes.


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The Chronos is now available for pre-order via for $99.  Those who decide to purchase this product can expect it to arrive by spring 2016, the same time they will be available for general sale at $129.

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Written by Mauro Az