Happiness might me in the air and we have Chopard to thank for it! 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of their “Happy Diamonds” collection. Initially launched as a watch model for men, but its creative designs and use of diamonds was destined for ladies timepieces.

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Back in 1976, the talented Chopard designer, Ronald Kurowski, was walking around the Black Forest, in Germany, when the sight of a waterfall and all its droplets reflecting the daylight, let off sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow. This vision laid the seed for a timepiece to be.


Ronald Kurowski wearing the original “Chopard Happy Diamonds” he designed * Image courtesy of: Chopard

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He had suddenly become entranced with the sparkle of unset diamonds. Insight struck and from there on he felt challenged to transform into reality the vision he had in his head. To create a watch where diamonds could enjoy total freedom of movement. Since freed diamonds would be more susceptible to sparkle as they move and shifted between positions. Hence the motto “Diamonds are happier when they’re free”.

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In order to achieve this vision Kurowski designed a dial inserted between two sapphire crystals. And with this concept in place came many bold and unusual horology designs. As well as a wide arrange of necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. But, our interest tends to gravitate towards the timepieces, so let’s take a better book at their 3 collections: Happy Diamonds, Happy Dreams and Happy Sport.


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Happy Diamonds

The first “Happy Diamonds” watch was conceived with men in mind, but this model line swiftly targeted women with their collection. Still that first timepiece with its 18k white gold case and bracelet framing the black dial, was such a great canvas for the floating diamonds that it won the prestigious “Golden Rose of Baden-Baden”, in 1976.


The first “Happy Diamonds” that won the prestigious “Golden Rose of Baden-Baden”, in 1976 * Image courtesy of: Chopard

The current “Happy Diamonds” watch maintains a cushion design in synch with both vintage and contemporary styles, but with the feminine perspective in mind. The prong-set diamonds that circle its dial accentuate its shape, while the floating diamonds glide over a mother-of-pearl dial. And in the midst of all that a mini sub-dial, also encrusted with diamonds, holds the watches hands.

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Happy Dreams


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Following the floating diamonds, Chopard picked up that concept and adapted it to a series of their jewelry. In this collection all diamonds are set on mother-of-pearl backgrounds using the prong-set technique, even for the moving diamonds. This form of diamond-setting is crucial to reveal all the hidden sparkle and bling of these diamonds found on: earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings.


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Happy Sport

Finally we return to horology, where we must enjoy to see diamonds and precious metals. For this “Happy Sport” collection, Chopard sought out vibrant colors to fit a “joie de vivre” attitude.

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These timepieces are all equipped with floating diamonds, just like in the “Happy Diamonds” collection, but Chopard wanted to offer more options. So, for the “Happy Sport” model line, they have made many different colored straps available to match the seasons and moods.


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This simple approach of making various accessories available, has gifted the “Happy Sport” with a seemingly limitless array of mix and match possibilities. Making it easy for women to swap straps on their watches from the comfort of their own homes. Thus cultivating a do-it-yourself mentality, which allows for very personal customization’s. After all the mantra-like motto inscribed on the back of each strap for this collection does read: “Be Happy”


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And as each season comes by, Chopard issues new and unique colors with which to be enamored or instead alter and breathe new life into their previous collections.

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Written by Mauro Az