For those frequent flyers and travelers, the Swiss horology brand Bvlgari might just be about to unleash a useful timepiece to wear, the new “Bvlgari Hora Domvs Dual Time Zone”. The term “Hora Domvs” is Latin for “Home Time”, using the Latin alphabet letter “v”, just as they do for their brand “Bvlgari”.


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Luxury watches are all about their materials, complications and social status. But, many of these expensive mechanical movements equipped with tourbillons and minute repeaters, assist more in pricing up the watch, rather than assisting the end user. Chronographs are always more likely of actually being used, although they also tend to be mere aesthetic props, on many wrists. But, the dual-time, GMT functions can arguably be declared, one of the most useful features to be had on a timepiece.


Image courtesy of: Bvlgari

It’s not like there has been a shortage or lack of this feature on watches flooding the horology market. But, a new layout as unique as the one this model being ushered out by Bvlgari has, is always refreshing to see. It’s robust and straight to the point dial design, will undoubtedly carve a space in this competitive landscape.


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The 45mm box shaped case is made of 18k pink gold. It features a pusher at 10 o’clock to advance the AM/PM indicator, while the 4 o’clock pusher operates local-time. But, the unique “daylight savings feature” is activated by pressing the pusher placed in the interior side of the case aligned with the 8 o’clock position. An unusual form of operating the various time-zones, but a quite ingenious method that other brands would do well in replicating, due to its intuitive ease of use.


Image courtesy of: Bvlgari

A pusher located at the 4 o’clock position serves to advance the local time hand by an hour, with each squeeze. Another somewhat particular mechanism on this timepiece is the “daylight savings time” (DST) function that shifts certain time zones forward during summer time. In order to set it you need to manually squeeze a pusher near the 9 o’clock position; and when this function is activated it’s indicated on the white aperture aligned with the 9 o’clock position.


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Typically dual-time zone watches inform us of our local time via the main central hands, while a secondary hand will indicate a person’s home-time. This secondary time indication can be communicated on a 12 or 24 hour scale. Another option or means to a quicker reading of time is an AM/PM indicator. The “Bulgari Hora Domus” opted for a 12-hour home-time display, linking also to an AM/PM indicator just above the Bvlgari logo situated in the center of the dial.


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So, time is told via the central hands, with white SuperLuminova filled hands pointing out the local time; while the open-worked hour hand indicates home time. There is an arrow located above the 6 o’clock position that points to a white aperture with a city name, which represents the local time. Other white apertures can be seen indicating: am/pm and day/night for both the local and home time-zones, as previously mentioned. The dial for this watch is available in black or silver.


Image courtesy of: Bvlgari

Bvlgari Hora Domvs Dual Time Zone

This “Bvlgari Hora Domvs Dual Time Zone” (Ref#: ????) is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, caliber BVL 191, with 26 jewels, 191 components and 28,800 vph. Also features ceramic ball bearings for the bi-directional winding rotor.


Image courtesy of: Bvlgari

This movement was originally developed by Daniel Roth, whose library of movements was purchased by Bvlgari, just like they bought Gérald Genta designs, back in 2000. Power reserve on this timepiece can last up to 42 hours. This watch will only be available to the public beginning October 2016 at select boutiques.

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Written by Mauro Az