As far as duets go, the teaming up of Apple with Hermès doesn’t really seem like a natural fit. For starters, although Hermès is known as a premier leather goods manufacture, they have nothing to do with technology. But, then again until recently Apple had nothing to do with watchmaking, so with that in mind. These are just arrivista brands to a Swiss dominated marketplace, they intend to disrupt, or get as much a piece of as possible.

Apple has been trying to convince trend-setters that their watch is a must-have with little success. But, if at first you don’t succeed, surround yourself with as many “legit” partners as you can. For Apple it all started when they called in Mark Newson to design a futuristic, design appealing watch. Although it came out looking like another edition of Newson’s defunct watch venture: Ikepod. And now, after an initial launch to modest reviews and sales. They have joined forces with Hermès to provide the Apple watch with some slicker top-notch leather straps. And even though this edition will not be available in the 18k gold version. It may still be the most luxurious Apple watch and definitely the most pleasing on the eyes. Combining the fresh smartwatch concept to a classically traditional leather accessory.


“Hermès Cape Cod” watch * Image courtesy of Hermès

And yet, just as the Apple watch gave off a déjà-vu feeling by recalling the Ikepod timepieces. This Hermès venture seems a lot like the “Hermès Cape Cod” watch they still have available on their website ( And if price dictates status, the retail price of the Apple Hermès starting at $1,100 falls about a third short of “Hermès Cape Cod” $2,900 starting point. Either way, the market will decide if this version of the smartwatch is what they’ve been waiting for, or if Apple will just have to go back to the drawing board and conjure up another synergy. Till then, the wheels have been set in motion, and people will decide where to invest their time & money.


Apple Watch with Hermès Double Tour Strap * Image courtesy of Apple

There are various colors and 3 strap options available: a single tour made of a single leather band for a 38mm case; the double tour band (Hermès signature model); and a cuff version.


Apple Watch with Hermès Single Tour Strap * Image courtesy of Apple


Apple Watch with Hermès Cuff Strap * Image courtesy of Apple

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Written by Mauro Az